Bohle Professional Glass Cleaner Spray 660ml

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BO 5107900
  • Used for cleaning glass, smooth plastic surfaces, mirrors, car windows, kitchen or bathroom tiles 
  • Convenient for workshop and home 
  • Great for showcases and display windows 
  • Leaves sparkling surfaces without any streaking 
  • Environmentally friendly propellant 
  • Ideal for cleaning glass parts after fusing 
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Why use Bohle cleaner?

Bohle provides this quality foam-based glass cleaner spray to combat against dirt, grease and streak marks. It can be used on a range of household surfaces. Use Bohle’s professional glass cleaner spray to clean:

  • Household mirrors
  • Commercial display windows and showcase cabinets
  • nterior household windows
  • Light fittings
  • Plastic counter tops and other surfaces
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Bathroom surfaces and tiles
  • Car windows
Bohle’s professional glass and surface cleaner acts fast and leaves surfaces sparkling clean after use. Utilise Bohle’s glasses cleaner spray for quick, effective cleaning results at home or in a commercial space.

What are the benefits?

Bohle’s glasses spray cleaner has a range of benefits, not least being the rapid cleaning results gained from their groundbreaking cleaning foam. Other benefits of using Bohle’s professional glass cleaner spray are:

  • Perfect for domestic and commercial use
  • Fast action
  • Long-lasting cleaning results
  • Multi-purpose
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No ugly streaks left behind after use
  • Ammonia free formula
Sedalgo is offering a range of deals on Bohle’s professional glass cleaner spray. Save up to 52% off your total price when you purchase 10 cleaners. This deal is catered towards professional cleaners and commercial offices looking to keep their space clean for years to come. Each product is sold in 660ml aerosol cans. The product is long-lasting and highly effective. If you choose to purchase multiple cans they are bound to last for a number of months, possibly even years due to their high efficiency. You need only use a small amount of cleaning foam on each surface you wipe down. Test it out for yourself by purchasing a Bohle glass cleaning spray from Sedalgo.

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