Bond It LN7 LMN Silicone

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  • 100% neutral cure 
  • Gives off no solvents or corrosive vapours
  • Compatible with all metals and plastics
  • Contains no components that can degrade insulating glass seals.

LN7 can be used in construction, engineering and electrical applications and as a high extensibility sealant for external and internal applications, including expansion joints. Suitable as a rubber adhesive for bonding most materials and as a potting compound to encapsulate electronic components to protect from moisture, tampering and shock. LN7 is effective as a gasketing material and as a bedding compound for glazing double glazed units into timber frames. For use on glass, ceramics, all metals and sealed timber, concrete, mortar, plaster, most plastics, uPVC and polycarbonate and all painted surfaces.

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