Fischer DuoTec 10

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The nylon toggle fischer DuoTec for high tensile and transverse loads through 2 components. Easy installation with small drill hole diameters of 10 mm and short toggle element, even in narrow and insulated cavities. Easy pre-installation; the plug does not fall into the drill hole, even without a screw. No cutting, and thus no weakening of the gypsum plasterboard. The toggle element automatically folds behind the panel and gives it its strength. As a result of the flexible stainless steel screw seat, the gravity toggle can be used with wood and chipboard screws or metric hooks and threaded rods with lock nuts. If it hits something in the drill hole in solid building materials, it functions like an Expansion plug.
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  • Flexible screw mount allows for the use of screws and hooks with different thread shapes.
  • Glass fibre-reinforced plastics and a metal skeleton insert (fischer DuoTec 12) allow the toggle to handle heavy tensile and transverse loads in all panel building materials.
  • Soft grey nylon contact surface distributes the load over the panel surface, thereby minimising weakening of the supporting building material.
  • Standard drill hole diameters and short tilting element for easy installation in narrow cavities, including cavities with insulation.
  • White flush sleeve with snap function allows the plug to be pre-installed quickly and securely in the drill hole.
  • With scale on the grip strap (fischer DuoTec 12) for determining the required screw length (scale value + 20 mm).
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