CRL mirror & glass cleaner

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  • Quality glass and mirror cleaner  
  • Arrives in 660ml tins 
  • No-smear formula  
  • Simply spray on and wipe off for a sparkling clean finish 
  • Registered INS A1 Food Safe 
  • Long-lasting and highly-effective 

CRL Glass and Mirror Cleaner is one of the best mirror cleaners on the market today. The quality cleaning formula ensures that no streaks or smudges are left behind after you clean your glass surfaces. This mirror cleaner leaves only a pleasant aroma and shining surfaces after use.

Why buy CRL Glass and Mirror Cleaner?

Due to its remakrable results and high cleaning performance, CRL’s glass cleaner product is a common choice for both domestic cleaning and professional cleaning jobs. Many customers use CRL’s glass and mirror cleaner for commercial use, be it cleaning offices, interior windows or car windows. 

CRL glass cleaner is a great product for cleaning:

  • Small or large mirrors 
  • Glass tables (inside or out)
  • Interior windows 
  • Car windows 
  • Shower glass, shower panels or shower screens
  • Glass patio doors 
  • Stainless steel structures such as handrails, balconies railings etc

What are the benefits?

CRL is known as the best mirror cleaner for a reason. It has been created by glass professionals to give a simple and effective method of cleaning glass surfaces. Never worry about dirty windows or smudged mirrors again after purchasing this mirror cleaner from CRL. 

Some of the main advantages of CRL’s glass and mirror cleaner are:

  • Streak-free results 
  • Remove smudges and stubborn marks easily
  • Quick and simple application
  • Convenient foam-based technology 
  • Registered as Food Safe
  • Attacks surface dirt and removes unwanted grease
  • Effective across a wide range of surfaces and materials 

This glass and mirror cleaner arrives in a 660ml tin, giving you a longer life span for continued use. Grab yours now from Sedalgo at the cheap price of only £9.95. 

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