Everlasto Jute garden twine

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  • Strong twine for supporting plants 
  • Tie back branches and fruit trees easily 
  • Use it to tie straw bales 
  • Conveniently section out your garden areas 
  • Hang and organise your garden tools 
  • Strengthen garden fencing  
  • Rope-off herb gardens and flower beds 

Make gardening easier with quality garden twine from Everlasto. This premium jute garden twice is made in the UK at the Everlasto production factory.

Why use garden twine?

Use this garden twine for horticultural and garden work, as well as for general DIY and craft purposes. Our selection of natural jutes and polypropylene twines is wide-ranging, with availability in a range of thicknesses and spool sizes for your convenience. 

Whether you need a thin but durable twine for small DIY projects or are looking for something thicker and stronger for large outdoor work, SEDALGO has the garden twine solution for you. Our customers have used Everlasto’s garden twine for everything, from farming work to arts and crafts. 

Other uses for garden twine includes: 

  • Separating garden areas
  • Hanging tools 
  • Tying plants 
  • Restricting branches 
  • Adding strength to preexisting structures 
  • Fencing off garden beds
  • + many more!

Our quality jute twines are 100% natural and fully biodegradable, making them friendly for your garden, your pets and your younger children. What’s more, our robust garden twine will last throughout the winter due to its high quality make and use of natural jutes and polypropylene.

Grab a spool from SEDALGO for the amazing price of only £5.95 and get to work in your garden. 

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