Fiddes Mellow Wax 400ml

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Fiddes Mellow Wax Polish 400ml is a high quality blended beeswax polish available in five unique wood shades, which has been used for a generation for finishing sealed or previously polished wood. With over ninety years experience in the manufacturing process of fine wood finishes, Fiddes Mellow Wax is formulated from a time-honoured recipe. PREPARATION: For use on previously finished or sealed wood. Ensure all surfaces are free from dust or blemishes before application of Fiddes Mellow Wax Polish APPLICATION: Take a clean cotton cloth, sponge or brush and apply in the direction of the wood grain where possible. To obtain a uniform colour, always wipe evenly, blending the Mellow Wax over the whole surface area by exerting a small degree of pressure when applying by hand. Take care to lightly remove any excess Mellow Wax immediately with a separate, clean absorbent cloth, again following the direction of the grain pattern. Leave to dry for around 10 minutes, and buff to finish with a soft cloth. The application of additional coats will deepen the existing colour / shade and significantly enhance the resulting sheen level.

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