Osmo Easy Pads for Oiled Wood Surfaces

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Why use Osmo easy pads?

Osmo Easy Pads are specialised clothes for high-performance cleaning and maintenance work. The easy pads from Osmo are designed to apply oil and wax products to floors, lacquered wood surfaces and wooden countertops. Quickly spruce up your wooden surfaces with a combination of Osmo oil and Osmo easy pads to ensure your wooden household surfaces are sparkling clean and properly protected against stains and marks.

Osmo easy pads are 100% lint free, making them environmentally friendly and perfect for any home. Lint can often contain microplastics which can easily infiltrate your water system when rinsing out your cloth. These microplastics can take thousands of years to break down and are extremely bad for our planet. Osmo have taken measures to keep their clothes lint free, helping the planet and keeping your home safe and environmentally friendly. 

What are the benefits?

Osmo oil application pads are effective in helping preserve the look of your wooden surfaces. They also provide an easy means of cleaning and polishing wood within the home. Some of the main advantages of using an Osmo pad are:

  • Perfect for applying oil and wax
  • Made to be suitable for the application of Osmo Wood Wax Finish.
  • Great for polishing up wooden surfaces 
  • Can be used on floors, countertops and furniture 
  • Lint-free and environmentally friendly 
  • Made for the easy application of cleaning products – primarily wax and oil

Grab a set of Osmo easy pads for the easy application of Osmo oil or wax. Ensure your wooden surfaces stay clean and protected from stains with regular polishing and dusting via your Osmo easy pad. 

Each pad’s size is approx 330mm x 165mm. Buy your pads from Sedalgo today for the cheap price of only £8.99. 

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