Osmo Decking Oil

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  • Premium, solvent-based wood oil for decking and wooden surfaces 
  • Enhances the natural wood colour 
  • Safe for animals and plants once dry 
  • Water and dirt resistant 
  • Protects against the elements including UV rays 
  • Reduces wood swelling and shrinkage 
  • Microporous, breathable finish 
  • Protects against cracking, peeling and flaking 
  • Dries to a smooth, satin finish 

Why use Osmo decking oil?

Revive the look of your softwood or hardwood decking and protect it from damage with this natural wood oil from Osmo. Not only will Osmo decking oil protect your wood against the elements, dirt and residue, but it will also enhance the appearance and character of the wood. 

Give your decking a facelift and highlight the beautiful natural wooden features. If your decking has faded from the elements or has seen better days, this effective decking oil could be the perfect solution to spruce up the look of your decking and revive the natural wood colour that was once so clear. 

Can Osmo’s decking oil be used on other surfaces?

Yes! Osmo’s quality decking oil can be used on a wide range of wooden garden products. It is not exclusive to decking. 

Use Osmo’s decking oil on:

  • Wooden fencing 
  • Wooden garden furniture 
  • Garden benches 
  • Sheds
  • Wooden screens 
  • Any thermos treated wooden surfaces 
  • Any dense, exotic hardwoods such as Teak and Eucalyptus 

What are the benefits?

Osmo’s decking oil is a high-quality wood oil that uses natural ingredients to keep wooden surfaces protected and looking their best. Use this wood oil on untreated wood, softwood, oiled wood and hardwood decking. 

Protect your woods natural colour and ensure it stays vibrant even through the winter months. 

The main benefits of using this decking oil from Osmo are:

  • Long-lasting protection 
  • Protect your wooden surfaces against the elements 
  • Retain the natural colour of your wood
  • Make your wooden surfaces and decking look more attractive
  • Rest-easy that your wooden surfaces will remain in great condition
  • Protect wood from fading in the sun

How to apply?

Application of Osmo’s wooden decking oil is simple and hassle free. 

The steps to follow are:

  1. Prepare the surface by sanding down the wood and removing any existing oil stains
  2. Strip wood down until bare and clear of old oil residue 
  3. Clean the wooden surface and remove any loose debris and dirt
  4. Stir the oil thoroughly before and during application
  5. Use an Osmo floor brush to apply the oil thinly and evenly
  6. Cover all ends and joints of the wood – if possible, do this before installation
  7. Wipe away any excess, overflowing oil with a clean lint cloth
  8. Allow between 10-12 hours drying time before applying a second thin coat

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