Osmo Door Oil - 1L

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  • Suitable for a range of selected veneered doors and furniture 
  • Water resistant and sweatproof 
  • Provides protection against common household stains 
  • Proof against dirt traces and smudges 
  • Non-abrasive – avoids flaking, peeling and blistering 
  • 500 ml covers an area of 12 meters squared per coat 
  • Arrives in 1L tin  

Osmo door oil is a transparent wood finish product that uses an effective combination of natural plant oils and waxes to provide protection for your wooden doors. It is both water and dirt resistant meaning the oil will give long-lasting protection to your internal doors and joinery parts. The natural wax helps smooth down the surface of the wood, leaving your door looking silky smooth for years to come.  

What are the advantages? 

Osmo oil for doors provides a range of benefits for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Smooth, protect and upgrade any piece of wooden furniture in your house. Some of the main advantages of osmo door oil are: 

  • Gives a clear or transparent finish 

  • Application is simple and hassle free – no sanding required between coats! 

  • Perfect for wooden doors and joinery  

  • Enhances the natural tone of the wood 

  • Long lasting – surface will not peel, flake or crack over time  

  • Highly resistant to all types of liquids, such as water, cola, wine, coffee and tea. 

  • Friendly for humans, animals and plants  

  • Suitable for children’s toys  


How to apply Osmo door oil 

Ensure the wood is dry and cleaned before application. You may need to clear any old stains and remove old paints and varnishes before applying, otherwise, the finish will not be as smooth or as effective. Fill in any holes or cavities before applying. Sand down the surface well and clean the sanding dust with a vacuum before any oil is applied.  

Shake your Osmo door oil well before use.  

Begin the application by using a flat brush or roller to lightly apply oil to your wooden surface. Spread the oil well and make sure it is well ingrained into the wood in a smooth finish instead of in lumpy pools or blotches. After the Osmo door oil has been properly applied allow the oil to dry in a well-ventilated area. Only apply your second coat once the first coat has fully dried. The Second coat does not need to be thicker or thinner than the first, just a repeat of the initial process.  

Use a maximum of 2 coats on raw wood. You can always add another coat later down the road if you feel you need to.  

Once both coats have dried you should be left with a smooth, well-protected wooden surface. Ensure the oil has fully dried before touching, closing or handling the door or wooden surface. Typical dry time is up to 24 hours, but may be less if the wood is left in a well-aired area.  

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