Osmo Floor Brush 220mm

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  • Designed for applying Osmo wood oils and waxes  
  • 100% natural bristles  
  • Solid beech wood head 
  • Soft bristle tips give greater control when applying your oil or wax 
  • Quickly covers large areas 
  • High-quality floor brush with robust handle attached  

Why use an Osmo floor brush? 

This Osmo Floor Brush is perfect for applying oils or waxes to wooden flooring, including wooden floorboards. It will add both protection and a glossy finish to your wooden floors. Worry less about drink stains, dirt build-up and scratch marks by applying oils with your Osmo floor brush. Sedalgo also stocks Osmo floor oil to be used in conjunction with this highly-effective Osmo brush cleaner.  

Customers also find the Osmo Telescopic Handle a nice addition for added convenience when applying oils with the osmo floor brush. This telescopic handle can be especially useful for those tricky, hard to reach areas. 

What are the benefits of the Osmo floor brush? 

The Osmo floor brush can be used for much more than just wooden floors. It can also be used to apply oil to outdoor flooring spaces such as decking and wooden decking boards. Applying sufficient layers of protective oil to your decking is essential to ensure the wooden boards stay strong and healthy throughout the winter season. An Osmo flooring brush makes the job much easier, with the soft-tip bristles able to get into the gaps and cracks that other brushes may miss.  

Other advantages of using the Osmo brush cleaner are: 

  • Covers a wide surface area 
  • Natural bristle tips make for a smooth application  
  • Solid base and handle  
  • Firm but lightweight  
  • Gives greater control to the user  
  • Highly compatible with Osmo floor oils and waxes 

Steps for use 

When applying floor oil or wax with an Osmo floor brush, always prepare the surfaces by cleaning them first. Try to remove as much dust and dirt as you can by using a broom or vacuum, then give the floor or surface a quick wash down with a mop. Only after the floor has fully dried should you start the oil application. 

Now the surface is dry, all you need to do is dip the Osmo brush into your chosen oil or wax in a sensible manner. Do not overfill the brush with too much oil but do take a healthy amount. Start to apply the oil evenly using your brush in a smooth up and down motion until you feel the oil has been properly applied to the grain of the wood. 

If you choose to apply a second coat it’s important to wait until the first coat has fully dried. Any large blotches of oil or overspills should be removed and evened out to give a smooth final finish.

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