Osmo Spray Cleaner (Interior) 500ml

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  • Highly effective cleaning, surfaces remain completely food safe
  • Maintains protected surfaces without damaging the original treatment
  • Easy to use, simply spray and wipe clean
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Ideal for all wooden, varnished, stone, vinyl and PVC surfaces
Especially developed for oiled and waxed wood surfaces, Osmo Spray Cleaner is the ideal solution for everyday cleaning and maintenance. It contains soaps based on natural oils to prevent the wood from drying out while cleaning. The water-soluble ingredients prevent streaks and do not form a layer. Especially mild on skin, free of dyes and aromas, biodegradable, free of solvents and emissions to ensure the surface remains completely food safe. Osmo Spray Cleaner is especially suitable for cleaning and maintaining oiled and waxed interior wood surfaces. It is particularly suitable for surfaces treated with Osmo Top Oil.
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