Osmo wood reviver power gel

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Why use a wood reviver?

This quality wood reviver from Osmo will leave your wooden floors and wooden surfaces looking fresher than ever before. It’s simple, quick and easy to apply but will provide stunning, long-lasting effects. Restore the look of weathered wood which has greyed over time. The powerful cleaning agent that is the Osmo wood reviver power gel, will restore the original look and character of your wood. No need for in-depth sanding, restoration work or expensive contractors. Simply apply a coating of Osmo wood reviver and watch your wood transform in next to no time. 

What are the benefits of Osmo wood reviver?

Using the Osmo wood reviver on your old wooden floors or wooden furniture, you can receive the benefits of a gorgeous new look without the expensive cost. Some of the main benefits of using Osmo wood reviver power gel are: 

  • Refreshes and cleans weathered wood
  • Restore wood back to original colour and character
  • Easy to apply 
  • Can be applied on horizontal or vertical structures due to the convenient non-drip formula
  • Can be used on floors, frames, furniture and objects 
  • See results within just 30 minutes

If your wooden floors or wooden furniture surfaces are looking worse for wear but you don’t want the fuss and price of bringing in a tradesman or contractor, try Osmo’s wood reviver power gel. Your floors could be looking as good as new within an hour. It’s simple to apply and gives remarkable results to all types of wooden surfaces. 

Buy a 5ooml can for just £7.49 from Sedalgo, or bulk up and 2.5L for just £32.36. 

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