Osmo Interior Wood Filler 250g

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If staining, use OSMO WOODFILLER Natural/Clear. Otherwise match the colour to the wood. Using a plastic or high-quality stainless steel putty knife, apply OSMO WOODFILLER to the floor directly out of the tub prior to the last sanding. (NOTE: If filler turns black, the putty knife is not high content stainless steel; however, the blackwill sand off.) If hole is greater than 6mm, fill by layering OSMO WOODFILLER in 6mm increments. Let OSMO WOODFILLER dry thoroughly. Use a heat gun or similar to speed drying time if desirable. (OSMO WOODFILLER is properly dry if it sands to the consistency of talcum powder.) Sand and remove all dust and debris. Apply stain to the floor (if staining). Do not rub the stain in with an aggressive action. Doing so will remove OSMO WOODFILLER. Apply Osmo or any final finish coat.
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