Wurth Bond & Seal Flexible PU Adhesive and Sealant in White 300ml

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  • For universal use
  • Highly elastic
  • Long skin formation time
  • Can be sanded and painted over
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low-odour
  • Silicone-free

Elastic PU adhesive and sealant for a wide range of applications
For universal use

Outstanding adhesive strength on a wide range of materials and surfaces

Approved for use with foodstuffs (ISEGA certificate)

Harmless to humans in its hardened state
Suitable for adhering and sealing in food processing plants

Highly elastic

Can be used for joining different materials and materials of the same type
Compensates different material expansions
Dampens vibrations and noise

Long skin formation time

Allows complex components to be bonded and sealed
Also ideal for large surfaces
Joint parts can be repositioned

Can be sanded and painted over

Following skin formation, it can be mechanically machined and painted over without surface activation (perform preliminary tests to check paint compatibility).


Prevents metal corrosion


NoticeNot suitable for glass groove sealing or adhesive bonding on other transparent materials with risk of UV back reflection.
Direct exposure to sunlight can result in slight surface yellowing and crack formation.
Not suitable for expansion joints in construction applications.
PVC-based paints and paints that dry by oxidation (oil and alkyd resin-based paints) are not suitable for painting over the adhesive.
The use of Würth sealant smoothing agent can cause yellowing.
Caution: Contact with solvents or solvent residues should be avoided, in particular during processing and the curing phase. This can lead to permanent damage of the Bond + Seal.
Caution: In the case of high surface moisture, very wide adhesive bead application, and/or cavities/air pockets created, backfill foams in the application, there is a risk of bubble formation in the adhesive compound.

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