Stelmax 1961 Gap Filler - White

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  • Skins rapidly for quick results  
  • Quality gap filler for brickwork, bathroom seals and PVC seals 
  • Bond cracks quickly and effectively 
  • Superb strength and durability  
  • Fully water resistant 
  • Perfect for window seals made of uPVC 

Why use Stelmax Gap Filler?

Stelmax 1961 gap filler is without doubt one of the strongest and most durable gap fillers on the market today. The sealant skins over rapidly once applied, meaning you won’t be left waiting for hours after work has been carried out. It is a great product for sealing and joining PVC and PVCu seals, giving more durabilty, increased protection and a seamless white finish to your seals, joints or frames. 

Common uses for Stelmax gap filler include:

  • Resealing bathroom seals and shower edges 
  • Sealing and joining window frames 
  • Sealing PVC or uPVC seals 
  • Sealing and filling brickwork 
  • Filling in gaps around the household

Due to its superb strength and quality, Stelmax gap filler is a common choice for tradesmen, joiners and painters carrying out professional work. However, it is also a popular choice for domestic use in the home and can be quickly and easily applied by homeowners to spruce up grimy looking seals and add an extra layer of water-resistant protection to your bathroom, kitchen or window frames. 

What are the benefits?

Stelmax gap filler is an extremely handy product to have around the house or in your possession for professional maintenance work. 

The benefits of this plasticiser are:

  • Skins over rapidly to prevent foreign bodies penetrating the product surface
  • Provides a water resistant, colourfast seal once fully-cured 
  • Easy and quick to apply due to the bottle design
  • Long-lasting protection for gaps and seals 
  • Forms extremely strong bonds when used on rigid and plasticised PVC
  • High level of adhesion is easily achievable 

This gap filler from Stelmax comes in a white finish to match the majority of seals, frames and joints found in and around the house. Add a flash of brilliant white to your grimy bathroom seals or ageing window frames to spruce them up and give added protection against water, mould and the elements. Stelmax gap filler comes with a 25-year life expectancy, meaning you can keep it stored in your house for years, ready to be used at a moment's notice. Grab yours from Sedalgo today for only £11.95. 

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