Topex 150mm Plasterboard Saw with Holster

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  • Small-sized saw for fibreboards, wood, plastic and drywall 
  • 300mm total length 
  • 150mm tempered steel blade 
  • 8 Teeth per inch 
  • Comes with protective plaster holster  
  • Non-slip handle  

Why use a TOPEX plasterboard saw?

This TOPEX plasterboard saw offers a convenient, small-sized saw that can easily handle DIY jobs around the house. Th high-quality blade makes cutting easy. It is made of hardened steel which gives a longer lifetime no matter what type of jobs it is used for. The two-sided sharp teeth reduce resistance on difficult materials and makes your life easier when completing cutting or sawing jobs at home or professionally. 

This plasterboard saw is idea for cutting all types of materials, including:

  • Plasterboard 
  • Wood
  • Plastic 
  • Drywall 
  • Fibreboard 

What are the advantages?

The reinforced steel blade comes in at 150mm long, making this saw easy to carry around in your tool and ideal for smaller, more delicate jobs. Not only can the plastboard saw cut through a range of materials, it is also a great tool for making holes and groves in plasterboard, drywall or wood.

Some of the main advantages of this plasterboard cutting tool are:

  • Comes with fitted case for safety 
  • Blade is made of hardened steel for greater strength and protection
  • The ergonomic plastic handle allows for superior handling
  • Anti-slip coating improves grip and increases work comfort
  • Fabric case can be attached to a tool belt for optimum convenience
  • Multi-purpose blade for DIY and professional projects 

If you are after a smaller sized saw that still possesses the strength and quality of a larger cutting blade, choose this plasterboard saw from TOPEX. With a comfortable, firm grip and a hardened steel blade you will be able to comfortably cut through a range of materials. 

Make home jobs and professional work easier by purchasing this amazing TOPEX plasterboard saw (with casing) for just £11.95 from Sedalgo. 

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