Verto Garden Plastic Green Lawn Edge Edging 10cm x 9m

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  • Plastic Green Lawn Edging for Gardens 
  • Flexible and lightweight  
  • Easily edge off your garden or lawn 
  • Can be used as a border fence 
  • Improve the look of your garden 
  • Made from PVC  
  • Measures at 10cm x 9m 

Why use VERTO Lawn Edging?

This plastic lawn edging creates perfect borders with ease. Lawn edging acts as a barrier for both weeds and grass, ensuring no unwanted grass encroaches onto your pavement or patio area. A good quality lawn edging will create a distinct line or border that marks the edge of your lawn, while maintaining the appearance of the grass.

Using this lawn edging from VERTO will give your lawn or garden a neater, tidier appearance. It is easy to use but highly effective in what it does. A true asset in making lawns and gardens more attractive and better maintained. 

What are the benefits?

Lawn edgings are often underutilised garden tools that can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your garden area. 

The main benefits of this lawn edge edging from VERTO are:

  • Made from hard-wearing PVC
  • Creates a sealed barrier around your lawn
  • Prevents grass from spilling onto your pavement area
  • Stops weeds from spreading
  • Saves time when trimming grass
  • Simple but highly effective 
  • Give your garden a cleaner, neater appearance 
  • Designed to minimise difficult rooting work

Each roll of VERTO lawn edging is measured at 10cm x 9cm. We recommend edging off any areas that are adjacent to concrete paving, driveways or concrete slabbing. You may wish to buy multiple rolls to seal off each side of your lawn. 

Although lawn edging may seem unnecessary, it can save huge amounts of time in the long run as it will prevent pesky weeds and grass from settling into the depths of your concrete paving. Removing weeds from concrete and paving stones can be taxing and time consuming. 

Avoid the hassle and get ahead of the game with VERTOs quality PVC lawn edging. You can grab a roll from SEDALGO today for only £8.95. 

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