Verto Leaf Blower 2800W

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  • Powerful electric leaf blower 
  • Easy to handle and simple to use 
  • Min rev per minute is: 8000 
  • Max rev per minute is: 14000 
  • Holding Bag Capacity is: 40L 
  • Voltage supply requires: 240V 

Why use a leaf blower?

This VERTO 2800W garden vacuum comes with multiple functions for managing leaves and debris in and around your garden area. It has the functions of blowing, suctioning and shredding leaves to ensure you can confidently tackle any path or driveway you need to. 

The VERTO leaf blower is designed to remove dry garden waste, such as dead leaves, broken plants, dried-out stems, twigs and other general garden debris. The robust waste shredding function allows for an impressive 10-fold reduction of waste volume and improves the operating time before the bag empties. 

What are the benefits of a VERTO leaf blower?

The powerful 2800W motor ensures quick and easy removal of waste. The vacuum cleaner also features a convenient operation mode TO switch between blowing or suctioning. Simply flip the switch whilst in use for a quick change of flow direction. This gives the user ultimate control of where the leaves go, making the clean-up job easier and faster.

The durable, textile 40L bag is equipped with a zip fastener for ultra-quick emptying. Once you feel your bag is full, simply place it over a bin or waste bag, unzip the fastener and shake out the debris inside. This leaf blower is built for heightened convenience and is a common choice for both domestic and commercial usage.

To charge this leaf blower from VERTO you will need a 240 Volt connection. The maximum rev per min comes in at 14000, and the min is 8000. The VERTO leaf blower is in full accordance with European safety standards and comes confirmed with a proper CE certificate. 

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