Sedalgo Ltd is an online builders merchant established November 2019. Born out of a desire to capitalise on the rapidly growing market of internet based sales. Sedalgo – made up of the initials of its two directors and their wives – started many years ago as an idea between two friends.

Sean Bambury

    Sean Bambury, a glazier to trade has owned a successful glazing business in Dundee for the last seven years. Sean gained his glazing qualification in Dundee before moving to Sydney, Australia at the age of 21 where he continued to work as a glazier on multi million pound projects. Having spent 10 years in Australia, he moved back home in 2013 to start his own glazing company. Sean is a people person, very tenacious and the proud face of Sedalgo. His knowledge of the building trade both in Scotland and Australia, allows him to converse with potential suppliers all over the world with the goal of securing the best possible price for goods and shipping.

Daniel Kalinski

    His business partner, Daniel Kalinski graduated in Political Science in his native Poland and moved to the UK with his wife, in 2008. During his time in the UK Daniel has worked his way up the career ladder for two prominent local companies. Daniel significantly increased online sales within both businesses by implementing his extensive knowledge of ecommerce, specifically maximising sales on EBay and Amazon.


    This knowledge of the above platforms is where Sedalgo outstrips its competition. Since Sedalgo’s inception in November 2019 we have consistently increased our carefully selected product range.