Wurth Brake Cleaner 500ml

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  • Fast and effective removal of soot, grease, brake dust and oily residues 
  • Residue-free cleaning 
  • Quickly removes oily and greasy residues on any type of vehicle  
  • Improves overall vehicle performance  
  • It helps more than just main brakes. Will also benefit disc and drum brakes, engine and gearbox housings 
  • Helps reduce MOT and service repair costs  

Why use Wurth break cleaner?

A brake cleaner is a handy and effective cleaning product that can keep your car and your brakes operating smoothly and efficiently. Simply by applying a quality brake cleaner such as Wurth brake cleaner, you can ensure your brakes stay in top shape and avoid paying unnecessary fees to a garage if your brakes ever do become jammed, sticky or stuck. It’s not uncommon for dust, debris, grease and oil to build up and stick to the brake pads of your car. This can be especially true for older vehicles that may not have been serviced regularly or well maintained in the past. Giving your brake system a complete cleanse with Wurth brake cleaner will ensure your brakes are functioning properly and will protect them from future wear and tear. It’s important to apply brake cleaner regularly as over time it will fade. Try applying Wurth brake cleaner once per month to keep your brakes in prime condition, no matter what roads or weather your vehicle encounters.

What are the benefits of Wurth brake cleaner?

Brake cleaner from Wurth is exceptionally powerful and removes all types of harmful residue from your vehicle’s brake system. The main benefits of using Wurth brake cleaner are:

  • Quickly removes soot, grease, brake dust and oily residue from your brakes
  • Helps maintain the proper functioning of your vehicle
  • Improves performance of main brakes, gearbox, disc and drum brakes and engine
  • Ensures the clutch is easy to operate and non-sticky
  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Extends the service life of the whole vehicle
  • Acetone-free
  • Good compatibility with paints, plastics, seals and rubber
  • AOX-free and silicone-free
With Wurth brake cleaner you can worry less about the performance of your vehicle and ensure your brakes are in fine working order for when your vehicle’s MOT or service date rolls around. Grab a can today for only £7.90, it could save you hundreds of pounds in the long run!

Safety Notice

Do not spray on hot parts. Not suitable for surface cleaning of adhesive areas. The compatibility of rubber or plastic parts and painted surfaces should be checked on an invisible area before use of this braking spray.

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