Wurth Industry Cleaner 500ml

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  • Easily remove adhesive residues, tapes and stubborn labels  
  • Effective cleaning of tricky areas 
  • Works on delicate metals such as brass, aluminium and stainless steel 
  • Remove the buildup of stubborn dirt, oils and grease 
  • Quickly clean machine parts, plastic parts and metal surfaces 
  • NSF-certified. 
  • Silicon and AOX free 

Why use Wurth industry cleaner?

Wurth industry cleaner is a handy and effective cleaning product that can keep all types of products and surfaces operating smoothly and looking their best. Simply by applying a quality industry cleaner such as Wurth, you can ensure your machine parts, plastic surfaces and metallic objects stay shining, protected and in fine working order. 

It’s not uncommon for dust, debris, grease and oil to build up and stick to surfaces around your home. Machines such as electric tools, kitchen appliances and even your car can all be affected by the build up of dirt and unwanted residue. Use Wurth industry cleaner to remove this build-up and extend the lifespan of your machines

What are the benefits of Wurth industry cleaner?

Industry cleaner from Wurth is exceptionally powerful and removes all types of harmful residue from surfances, machine parts and tools. Some of the main benefits of using this industry cleaner are:

  • Quickly removes stubborn residues such as soot, wax, rubber abrasion, silicone residues, permanent marker, oil and grease from a range of surfaces
  • Perfect for cleaning plastic and metal surfaces
  • Can be used to clean car brakes 
  • Removes adhesive residue left by stickers or tapes 
  • Cleans integral machine parts and improves performance 
  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Acetone-free
  • AOX-free and silicone-free

Industry cleaner has a wide range of uses and is a multi-purpose cleaner that can help keep your household and your possessions looking their best and in great working order. This 500ml can has a transparent liquid that sprays out in small doses to ensure the safety and protection of both the user and the environment. 

Safety Notice

Please be aware that direct contact with this product can cause skin irritation or an allergic skin reaction. For this reason, it is recommended that you wear goggles, a mask and gloves when applying it. 

Do not spray this product on hot parts. The liquid within is flammable and the aerosol tin could burst if overheated. Keep out of the reach of children and apply with care at all times during use.

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